Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Postcards from the Edge

What follows is a random collection of things I've been meaning to blog about, but due to being shingle-obsessed, they've been overlooked.

Big Cat escaped the front porch again. I found him in the middle of the front yard happily eating grass. (I won't describe what happened later.) In defense of the PetScreen, it didn't tear. Christopher pulled it loose from the spline at the bottom of the door. I plan to put a piece of Plexiglass over the bottom third of the door to prevent future break-outs.

No response to the Craigslist ad I placed offering bags of shingles free to a good home. Or any home. I can't imagine why people didn't arrive in droves to snap up bags of broken shingles, tar paper, and aluminum corner pieces. So, unfortunately, into the landfill they go on the 26th when a friend comes to haul them away. Hope he has a really big trailer. About thirty bags so far.

After realizing that the remaining cable wire ran out to the pole, I called the cable company and asked them to come get it. I wish I'd been home to see them pull it out of the gutters. It's gone, but they left behind the other 50 feet of it I'd pulled off and looped up. Apparently they didn't see the note on it that read, "Cable Guy, take this too, please and thank you." It's in the trash now.

Travis's theory that the giant board bolted to the wall was a leftover from some never-finished project was borne out when I tore off the shingles and found ghosts of a similar sized board on the wall and the dining room soffit. Still no idea what was originally there.

In a moment of supreme forehead smacking, Bob said in response to my complaining about the doorbell wire being wrapped around the house, "Well, get a wireless doorbell, darlin." Oh. Yeah. Good idea.

And saving the best for last....a few nights ago we heard the police department dispatch this call about 2 a.m.: "Respond on a noise complaint. Calling party states her neighbor has put up floodlights and is roofing." Bet those folks work the night shift, too.


  1. Put the pieces of aluminum out separate from the trash and a scrapper will pick it up to recycle. Might pick up the cable also.

    We use a piece of plxiglass on our patio door. We call it a kitty guard. LOL

    We had a wireless doorbell at the last house. They would be don't sound as nice as some of the 3 and 4 tube doorbells. I bought a really cool NOS doorbell for 'The Gear'. OMG sounds great but is it loud!!!

    Could the board be the remains of a place to attach a clothes line???? Clothes lines are looking pretty good considering the cost of energy these days. Nothing smells better than bed linens dried outside in the wind.

  2. I'm with Jan on the smell of the clothes after they've dried on the line! I can remember when all you had was a washer (wringer) and no one had a dryer! LOL

  3. I'll see your 30 bags of shingles and raise you a half-ton of concrete ... :-)