Monday, July 28, 2008

A Midsummer Night's Dream

I must have been dreaming, to think even for a moment that I might've been done tearing off shingles by now. Last week I confidently, crazily, told a friend, "I'll have the last shingle off by dark Saturday night." I was dreaming. Dreaming of a week with perfect weather and no interruptions. But that's not my life. I lost much of Wednesday to sleep; Thursday was spent at a funeral and a structure fire; Friday's plans were sidelined by the a/c going out in my car, which required five hours at the dealership to repair; and the heat index on Saturday was 102. Not to mention that my son "forgot" to come over and help, I forbid my mom to because of the heat, and sometime on Friday I realized I need a taller ladder. Aaaaack!!

Nevertheless, this is the week's progress on the east wall of the house:

Facing north:

Facing south:

So maybe next week the shingles will be gone. After I borrow my neighbor Floyd's ladder (Floyd to the rescue again!), overcome my fear of heights, brave the heat, and get crack-a-lackin.


  1. Darling side porch.

    Perfect place to whittle or drink cheap wine......whichever preference one might have.

  2. Hang in there! I smell progress ...
    Someone told me to "visualize" the finished project. And I've found that can sometimes help keep me motivated.

  3. Ah... Jan has a perfect activity for the side porch (of course, one shouldn't mix the two activites -- one might whittle more than the stick.. LOL).