Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Inside Job

Wednesday it rained. All day long. That's good sleeping weather for us night-shift people, so I stayed snuggled in with the cats and the dog until mid-afternoon. When we finally crawled out of bed, I sat in the living room with my big bowl of cereal (because there's nobody to tell me not to) and watched CNN until the little patches of plaster showing here and there on the paint-over-wallpaper walls really started to get on my nerves. I should do something about that, I thought, but chipping off postage stamp sized pieces of painted wallpaper is incredibly frustrating. So I munched on some more cereal, and watched some more CNN, and then it hit me:
Why in the Sam Hill am I using wallpaper remover stuff to take off paint?!

So I gave the remains of my cereal to Little Cat and then glommed a bunch of CitriStrip all over two of the living room walls. While it was percolating, this:

Became this:

(Don't worry, Little Dog didn't disappear. He just refused to be in the after photo. I'm not quite done with the chair, but you get the idea. The fabric's actually a tablecloth I got at Bed Bath & Beyond and I bought the throw pillow at Home Depot.)

Then I took my beautiful new pull scraper, the favorite of all my new toys, and--wonder of wonders!--the paint just peeled right off, down to the backing on the wallpaper, and the walls looked like this:

That took about 45 minutes. (Not including the percolating time.)

And the soles of my $3 Target flip flops looked like this:

Then I wiped down the walls with warm water and used a dull 4" putty knife to peel off long shards of the backing. And then the walls looked like this:

And I did my Snoopy dance all around the living room because I see an end to sucky pale blue walls with brown wallpaper leaves showing through.

After all, it's not all about the shingles.


  1. Whah, ha, ha, ha! Okay really, we were separated at birth. Surely nobody can think that much like me and not be my twin?!

    (And here I was thinking you'd taken up magic as a hobby. Glad the dog didn't really disappear.)

  2. Happy, safe 4th of July! Great job on the wallpaper and walls!!!!

  3. Christine--Twins separated at birth?! You might be on to something. We think alike, eat alike, have similar minor disasters....and I was adopted at birth. Hmmmm..... =)

  4. Awesome! I know how you feel. Your shingles are my porch for me. Nice to work on something else for a while. But then, it sucks to know there is yet ANOTHER thing that has to be done. :-)