Sunday, July 13, 2008

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

I injured myself today. It hurt. It stung. I even cried. It's completely my own darn fault, and it's not like this very same thing hasn't happened before. There I was, cranking on a really stubborn shingle with my prybar, when the shingle broke loose, the prybar kicked back, and hit me square in the face. The pointed end. I tasted blood. I cried. (Oh, I said that already.) So I went into the house, put some ice on it, drank some Gatorade, and went back to work on the house. Without looking at it. Later I called my neighbor Bob for some help and when he saw me he seemed startled and blurted out, "What the heck happened to your face?!!" So I looked at it. A bruise above my lip. A little tiny cut. No big deal. Wait...what's that? Ewww....a big bloody place on the inside of my upper lip. And a cut on my gum. A little Listerine and I'll be fine. Ouch. Three hours later at my paying job, it really hurt, so I asked one of the medics to take a look. And that little tiny cut is actually a little tiny hole in my lip that goes all the way through. He recommended an ice pack and caution in the future. Duly noted.

I didn't get much done on the house this week. It rained, I had to work on Friday, my son got called in on overtime and couldn't help, and my mom was working her part-time job on my days off. That's a nice list of excuses, isn't it? I still have about half of the wall left to do, so here's a before pic to motivate me this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

On all of the windows is a tiny piece of quarter-round running vertically on each side of the window, which I'm guessing was put there to make the windows seem a little less like they're buried in cedar shingles. I did manage to pull all that off the windows. After that I moved on to the area just behind the dining room bay and encountered a board bolted to the wall. (Hence my call to Bob.) He came over and expressed his opinion, deadpan, that "That's the board that holds the front porch on." Shurrrre it is. Here's where it was:

(I didn't manage to get a before pic.) Oh, and take a look at that gutter. Is that big piece of aluminum really necessary? All the sticks and pine cones and other debris get caught in it, and I'm forever cleaning it out. I'm open to any better ideas.

Anyway, here's what the board was held on with:

Three bolts and 9 or 10 nails. No idea why the board was there. My neighbor Travis had his own opinion. "Maybe they were gonna add something there that needed a lot of support and never finished it." That sounds reasonable. But if my front porch falls off in the middle of the night, I'll know Bob was correct.


  1. ouch! Take 'er easy there, girl. Hitting yourself in the face with a prybar could be lethal.

    Hope you feel better soon. And keep on keepin' on. I just keep tellin' myself how great it's all going to look once it's done. :-)

  2. Ohhhhhh that must have hurt!!!! Thank gosh you didn't break a tooth. were so determined to get those dang shingles removed that it over rode the pain!!!!

    All of my injuries have been from either a tool slipping or something finally breaking loose and sending me or tool or both flying.

    I've seen pieces of aluminum like that before. Usually in an area where rain may move so fast it over runs the gutter. But that doesn't appear to be real steep there.

    Here's my prescription for pain, bruises, etc........drink bottle of cheap wine. Repeat as needed. I'll help you out....I'll drink a glass tonight around 9pm. If you drink a glass too that should knock the pain right out of you. Maybe we can get Sandy to drink a glass also. Better yet...EVERYBODY drink a glass at 9PM.

    Take care....

  3. OUCH! You have a hole in your lip?! Oh, that must hurt. I'm cringing thinking about it.

    Feel better.

  4. Thanks, everybody. I didn't even know I had a hole in my lip until Aaron the Medic told me. Duh. It's almost all closed up today, but the bruise has darkened and you can very clearly see the marks from the two prongs.

    Jan--I'd love to drink a glass of wine at 9 pm. I even have a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge at home. But I'm at work tonight! :( Oh well, I'll drink 2 glasses on Wednesday.

  5. Oh good...I have some Pinot also. I love to put a slice of pear or peach in mine with some crushed ice. I people would be appalled...but I like my wine with ice. LOL

  6. While I don't drink, I will picture myself having a glass of wine with you two lovely ladies!! (But only if you promise not to whack yourself with anything else.) LOL