Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Dream Team

On the way home from work this morning, I called my mom and told her about my vinyl siding dream. "Oh, I don't think so...." she said. "But I'm coming over about eight and we can look." So we looked. We scraped off a bit of paint, and pulled a few nails, and looked again. And they're wood clapboards. Whew! They're newer than the front of the house--although Mrs. Kenney remembers the long, narrow bathroom at the back of the house, so they've been there since at least 1946--and they seem to be a different type of wood. But they're wood. So we left that part of the house for now, and went back to work along the west wall. Mom does the low part, as high as she can reach without stretching, and I do the high part. We make a good team. (Maybe I should say Mom does the low part and I do the medium part. I still can't bring myself to climb way up there and pull the shingles under the peaks of the roof.) I tried to get a photo of her, but she still has those Mom Eyes in the back of her head and told me to leave her alone. "Besides," she said, "I don't look very good today." She was wearing red bermudas and a yellow shirt. Cute. Very cute.

Speaking of cute, don't you just love how I decoratively swirled the CATV wire along the house? My objective was to get it up out of the grass in case Greg the Yard Guy comes over tomorrow to mow. Oh, and how 'bout that drainpipe leaning against the wall? Mom inadvertently loosened the strap holding the drainpipe to the wall while she was prying shingles, and the whole thing crashed down. Next to her, luckily, not on her.

Looking at the photo of our progress, I see that I left a big strip of shingles orphaned next to the dining room bay. That just irritates me that I left them there. First thing to go tomorrow.


  1. Ugh, get me a ladder and a plane ticket! I'd be your 'up high' guy, if only. Keep on workin' at it; the house looks great!

  2. I'm going to steal the mother's line here and say: "It's gettin' there. It's getting there." :-)

  3. If we lived closer, the hubby would volunteer to climb that ladder! It looks so much better without the shingles. Glad it was clapboards in the back and your dream was just that -- a dream!

  4. Hi, Jayne! I have tagged you. Please come and see.