Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon

I am beginning to think that I might really be crazy. After weeks of ripping shingles off the house and hearing, "You're crazy" from every third or fourth person who comes along, I'm starting to think they might be on to something. (Not that being crazy is altogether a bad thing; a certain amount of it is necessary to own an old house.) But at least I'm not alone in my craziness. After all, I share my house with Marie Antoinette, the meanest little cat who ever lived, and Christopher Columbus, the most destructive big cat who ever lived. And then there's my little Pomeranian, Audie Murphy....

This afternoon as the shingle-ripping continued I heard terrible howling coming from inside the house. My little dog was shrieking over and over and over. It was blood-curdling. It made my hair stand on end. Oh no, I thought, the cats have finally tried to kill him! I scrambled down from the top of the ladder, ran to the front of the house, and flung the door open. There, in the entryway, sat Audie. Little Pommie head thrown back, howling at the top of his lungs. In perfect health. No cats in sight. Shame on you, Audie!! At the sound of my voice he stood up and wagged his big fluffy tail. I guess he just missed me and wanted me to come back inside the house.

Apparently crazy, like misery, loves company.


  1. Or maybe he was being terrorized by the cats, knew you'd come if he called, and they skee-daddled knowin' you were coming. (This scenario gets played out at our house regularly.) And you're not crazy. I want to hear what those folks have to say when you have a beautiful house to show for it all!

  2. nv--I didn't think of that! And I will have the last laugh on all the naysayers, we know I will!

  3. NV might be right. Or maybe Audie has your number. Either way, you're very much needed or very much missed.

  4. "Crazy, like misery, loves company"... what a great line! I'm thinking he has your number! LOL