Friday, May 30, 2008

I Am Sam

Remember the movie "I Am Sam" with Sean Penn and little Dakota Fanning? What a great movie. If my cat Christopher was a person, he'd be Sam. Except that I don't remember Sam being destructive....Christopher, after all, did tear a giant hole in my screen door. Twice. Yep, he did it again. Went right around the patch. He might not be smart but, boy, is he determined. And boy, is he hefty. I wanted to get a couple photos of His Heftiness, so I asked Christopher to pose with a vintage yardstick that belonged to my Grandma Rosie for scale. He was more than happy to oblige. Here's the best photo of my Christopher and his giant screen-ripping paws:

Note that his giant screen-ripping paw appears to be about two inches wide. That's not trick photography; he's really that big.

Now to get this post a little more on topic, I have two house-related items:

1. Christopher's paws and claws may have met their match. Today when I was at Home Depot to buy a roll of screen I found this stuff called PetScreen. It's kinda ugly, but it's really tough. I imagined myself as a 20-pound cat doing the kitty version of "Prison Break" and I yanked on a corner of the stuff. Then I really yanked on it. Then I made sure no one was looking and I chewed on it. It's all about field testing, folks. Convinced that it's Christopher-proof, I plunked down almost $17 for a roll of it. (The same size roll of either aluminum or fiberglass is like seven bucks.) Saturday I'll take the flimsy, torn-up-and-patched-and-torn-up-again fiberglass screen out of the door and replace it with this stuff.

2. That's the dining room floor under Christopher. I've finally torn off all the carpet(s), pulled all the staples and tacks, hammered a few nails down below the surface, swept it with a pushbroom, and vacuumed it to get as much of that black glue residue off as possible. Next days off, barring mandatory overtime or other unexpected delay, I'll hang wet sheets in the doorways (all three of them) and sand the rest of that black stuff off there. Any advice or words of wisdom are most welcome; it's been about ten years since I tackled a project like this.


  1. Jayne,
    I envy you so! To be at the point of sanding floors sounds wonderful. I do hope some fellow bloggers leave some helpful advice for you - in turn, us - 'cause we are kinda curious as to how easy it is to remove the black stuff.

  2. Don't be discouraged, you'll get there! I'm really hoping for some advice, too. I've never had to remove "black stuff" before, so I'm a little worried. What worries me more is the cupped boards over by the windows. Think I'll post some pics & ask for advice on that, too, before going ahead with the sanding.

  3. I thought I heard someone say that a rag or paper towel soaked in fabric softener made the stuff come up, but I'm not for sure on that. You might try a teeny tiny spot somewhere it doesn't matter and see if it works first. Good score on the PetScreen! Christopher looks like he might be part Maine Coon. They grow as big as dogs!

    So glad you stopped by my spot and enjoyed Larry the Cable Guy. I thought that was so funny!

  4. I've heard the best way to deal with the "black stuff" is to scrape it off, since it gums up sandpaper very quickly... I have some to remove to, so I'll be watching for what you do!