Sunday, May 25, 2008


Eh, I thought a couple of days ago, I need to get some of that bug barrier stuff. That thought was prompted by watching a parade of ten or so ants marching along the phone lines that don't work and are wrapped around the outside of the house. But that was a couple of days ago, and I've had other things to do. Like painting my porch ceiling blue, and helping my son fill out the voluminous paperwork for his very own little mortgage, and playing MahJongg Quest on the computer. So the bug barrier stuff hasn't been a priority, and I forgot about it.

Until today. Today I went out to my car, opened the door, and found....hundreds and hundreds of ants. Ants!! In my car!! Hundreds of them wandering all up and down the door post and crawling along the door sill thingy and and milling about on the floormat. I grabbed a paper towel and smooshed them. The survivors crawled out of the balled-up paper towel and bit me all over my hands. I smooshed them, too. Then I drove to Wal-Mart with a few hardy ants creeping up my bare legs and bought the bug barrier stuff I should have gotten a couple of days ago. And when I got back home, I sprinkled a generous swath of bug barrier granules all around the yard and the sidewalks and the porches and the steps. When I finished, I had about a third of a container left. And I used every bit of it to outline the carport.


  1. Although not as traumatic, I had my own little run-in with ants. Yes, on the fourth floor of my apartment in NYC. I set my computer on the end table next to a potted plant and two hours later when I picked it up my laptop was INFESTED WITH ANTS!!! I brushed most of them out, but there were still some stragglers under the keys and in the speaker holes. They didn't bother me much until one time I tried to scroll down and the touch pad wasn't working. I looked down and I was running my thumb along an ant! I'm just glad mine didn't bite.

  2. Ewww, I hate ants. They're so hard to get rid of.

  3. Ants don't like vinegar...